LF Ability Patch. TF Shiny Gastly, Shiny Growlithe, Shiny Sneasel, or Shiny Electrike

2022.01.16 19:48 Glittering_Message65 LF Ability Patch. TF Shiny Gastly, Shiny Growlithe, Shiny Sneasel, or Shiny Electrike

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2022.01.16 19:48 Kermit4OUR They look so good together!

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2022.01.16 19:48 seven_critical_blows hmmm

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2022.01.16 19:48 TheRealTempatron Anyone here able to do the ras strafe consistently?

Im wondering if you'd need horizon to do it. Anyone have any tips/tutorials for console?
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2022.01.16 19:48 johhnytexas Anyone with land and animals thinks it’s amazing the dog always knows it’s top of the chain?

I have some land. Cows ,goats chickens ,horses , ducks, a barn cat and everytime an animal is introduced to my lab she has zero fear and just walks up to them and checks them out. She’s never harmed a single one. She doesn’t even eat the eggs that are left out. She’s an older girl and a mama dog (had 11 puppies in 2012 and EVERY single one lived). She’s so good with my kids it makes me teary thinking about how old she is.
Living in the country has its draw backs like unleashed dogs that’s roam the area and kill smaller livestock. She has stood up to two German Shepards that were aggressive to my kids when they were playing in the backyard. It’s just amazing to me how she’s basically ready to die to protect her family. We do not deserve her.
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2022.01.16 19:48 Cillobillo I'm personally holding off on watching the whole series at once. Anyone else doing the same?

Title explains. I've only seen as far as episode 3 so far. I just don't want to cram all this amazing comedy in at the one go, then I'd have nothing after that, and this season was supposed to sustain us for about 7 weels. Although, I am considering watching episode 4 now. Should I do it?
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2022.01.16 19:48 Luvlymonster druddigon on me 4409 0895 7763

4409 0895 7763
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2022.01.16 19:48 Emzeezy Emzeezy - Framed Summer (EP)

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2022.01.16 19:48 Leboy2Point0 Too much pain can kill you, and experiencing no pain at all due to Congenital Insensitivity can kill you as well.

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2022.01.16 19:48 sphincter_suplex When the hyperallergenic Siberians arrive

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2022.01.16 19:48 AuxiliaryFunction [SECRET] The Stettin Affair

[15th December, 1509]
"...And so you see, Sir Bradbury, why they must pay for the damages caused."
In an apartment located in London, sat a group of five men. Four sat across from one - Sir Thomas Bradbury - it was clear from first glance that each and every one of these men were merchants. The upper class.
Bradbury stroked his chin, and stared at the men across from him. "You're aware that what you're suggesting is treason?"
"Is it treasonous to demand recompense for lost goods? Is it treasonous to demand respect from those who have shown that they refuse to give it? Is it treasonous indeed to avenge the lives of right and honourable englishmen??" The leftmost of the four pounded his fist on the table.
"They burned our Factory, dammit! Put half of us to the sword! Imagine if it were you in there!" His expression softened and turned a bit sheepish, and the second to the right spoke up in turn.
"He's over-passioned, but he's right. We can't let this slight against us - nay, against England - go. There must be a reckoning."
"And who will take the fall?" Bradbury asked. "You? Me?"
The table fell quiet for a moment. Bradbury's voice once again rose. "We'd need a man who can even raise the men necessary to accomplish your goal."
"Well..." the rightmost man began. "What about Duke Howard?"
"You think he'd risk his skin for you?"
"No. But we're not the only ones who want this, and he would risk his skin for the men he intends to run the new grain company."
"And," said the man second from the left. "I've heard that the King has been a bit buddy buddy with the Duke's son. I doubt the King would even attaint him."
Bradbury scratched his chin once more, and then stood. "Well, gentlemen. You've given me much to think about," he eyed them all, squinting a bit as if sizing them up. "...Keep in touch, will you?"
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2022.01.16 19:48 smwmd Little buddy judges you

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2022.01.16 19:48 bruce_699 I'll cam.. if you feed.

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2022.01.16 19:48 PaintingNational6274 I used vaca time today and left at 11:30 after first break (shift is from 7-6) I clocked out for 11:32 the end of the shift was 12:30, will it take two hours of upt? I clocked out for first break still, help!!

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2022.01.16 19:48 Lethal_Void Hand Mandala done by Sweeney at Death's Ink, Sainte-Therese, Canada

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2022.01.16 19:48 iamcalifw 🐕 Mega Floki Just stealth launched 10 minutes |CG/CMC incoming |No Airdrop | 🚀Early Low Cap just launched 🐕 Ownership Renounced | LP Locked 1 year

🐕 Mega Floki 🐕
WELCOME TO " Mega Floki " 🎖
Telegram : https://t.me/megaflokiofficial
"GOING TO WIN THE RACE FROM ALL Floki COINS " Mega Floki decentralized Binance Smart Chain Token our mission is to bring people an ease bsc transfers, strong community, and sustainability. It's a 100% community token, every holder should promote it, if you want to pump your investment, you need to do some effort.
Alright guys, you all are so early 😍 Huge profit coming..... Yes... We make sure all is ready and safe and in few mins time ... We will be renouncing ownership soon .... Great time to bag more, Perfect time if you are getting this now.🥳 Mission Bringing people together through the ease of our Bsc transfers, strong community, and push for sustainability. We may be strong apart. But we’re better when we’re grow together. This is safe. Liquidity is locked and ownership is renounced. No way of a rug pull! Dev seems transparent and trustworthy.
✅ Buy & Sell 0%
✅ Locked Liquidity
✅ Verified Smart Contract
✅ Promos after launch
✅ Based Team
✅ Stealth Launch
✅ Liquidity locked
✅ Total supply 1,000,000,000
✅ White paper is out, see website
🐕Telegram : https://t.me/megaflokiofficial
🐕Contract: 0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4
🐕Pancakeswapv2 : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4
🐕LP Locked 1 year : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x57ccb329940f2017d07fef8ce1eab0befbfbd7e5
Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0x6689e240a2817a34e65947d40dfe26b3a985a1d4#readContract
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2022.01.16 19:48 soothedsedated Some good love-themed/valentine's day songs?

Want to make a playlist for valentines day. Pretty much any subgenre of goth is welcome!
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2022.01.16 19:48 AmaliaMystic Testers wanted for a "perfect skin" subliminal

As always, if you are interested, comment this sub and I will send you a DM!
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2022.01.16 19:48 withseasoflife He was on trial for an embezzlement charge:

They found him guilty innocents whatsoever.
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2022.01.16 19:48 LegendHero23 My drawings of Ness, Lucas, Incineroar, Piranha Plant, and Sonic

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2022.01.16 19:48 _Delusion__ Need help on this quick assignment

So I am really new to python written some basic stuff in past, would like some input on how someone would right this?
Ask for a port number
Test if it is a common protocol
Keep the options short
Say, only: DNS, HTTP, or HTTPS
If yes, display the protocol
If not one of the above: Display if it is a ‘well-known’ port
If not ‘well-known’ Display if it is a ‘registered’ port
If none of the above Display that it is a ‘dynamic’ port
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2022.01.16 19:48 DLeeJ1214 Which of these for my bio? Or neither? My brothers face is just blacked out for this post for privacy

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2022.01.16 19:48 FarFromAverage7866 But No! It's Still a cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrY.

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2022.01.16 19:48 parkstar86 I cannot stress these points enough!👇👇👇

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2022.01.16 19:48 SavageHenry_VBS Christie Brinkley - New Bikini Selfie at 67

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