Game lag

2022.01.16 20:00 pattykat914 Game lag

There’s 2 sections of my island that lag every time I run through it. It’s like when you’re on a dream island and it takes a minute to load this has never happened to me before. I do have a lot of items placed in these areas that the only think I can think of but on any other island I’ve done this never happened. Is it an update thing or is it just me? Anyone know? Thanks
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2022.01.16 20:00 Fit-Use-1383 Worth taking out an extra $50k in loans? 130K Salary?

Debating on attending graduate school, currently I have $100k in loans and earn about 80K. I am not struggling with my payments while saving and investing a decent amount. If I decide to attend grad school (1 year MS at top private) my firm has guaranteed a raise anywhere from 30k-50k leaving me with 150K in debt and around a 110K-30K salary, this school has very good recognition so I can definitely be fast tracked into other promotions and lateral into another company over time. Typically people in my field can make $225k+ by age 30 and I definitely feel this masters can help get me there faster. Any opinions appreciated!
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2022.01.16 20:00 Ok_Blackberry2123 sometimes i get so annoyed some people cant take a simple sorry, for something like entering a chat at a wrong moment, and all they do is lecture you

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2022.01.16 20:00 Jumbogorilla289 Can't buy limpets

I have been to half a dozen different stations and outposts in different systems and in all of the I can't buy limpets
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2022.01.16 20:00 lukethepokk Is it bad to sneeze to/inside a pillow

Dont know the exactt wording here but i mean before sneezing putting your head on a pillow facing the pillow
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2022.01.16 20:00 lord_of_pigs I Just finished watching it..... (If you know you know)

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2022.01.16 20:00 Big_Understanding_66 does anybody know where i can find the lizard mage avatar again?

havent seen it around and it was my first avi. need it again - if anyone knows the world ill b grateful!
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2022.01.16 20:00 xtremerussell A boiled egg skin-peeling machine at work

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2022.01.16 20:00 gyzh AMD Hana motherboard - setting XMP in BIOS sets correct MHz but wrong timings

I recently got an Omen 30L with 5600x with the Hana motherboard. It has the latest F.12 BIOS. I installed 2x8 Crucial Ballistix 3200 CL16. I am able to select the XMP profile under the Advanced section in the BIOS, but the BIOS shows the wrong timings, e.g., CAS latency shows as "14h". In Windows, CPU-Z reports that the frequency is correct (1600) but the timings are all off. Is there any solution to this? Thanks.
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2022.01.16 20:00 someguy1704 [Academic] the effect of video games on reaction time (everyone)

Hi everyone, I'm collecting data to study the correlation between hours of video games played and reaction time. please fill out the survey attached below, your time is appreciated!
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2022.01.16 20:00 Riah_of_Mondstat [WP] "I knew it! everyone has a skeleton in their closet!" "First of all, his name is Larry"

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2022.01.16 20:00 CageyLabRat I hate this documentary

It's well researched, factual and it has enough plausible deniability that the people obviously portrayed cannot sue.
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2022.01.16 20:00 wtfbtc_ Updated Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0020 BCH Weekly Median: $0.0010 BTC Next Block: $0.11 BTC Weekly Median: $0.39

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2022.01.16 20:00 atramrennab 1 more sleep until H3 is back babyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

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2022.01.16 20:00 hallusk Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine [and how to deal with it]

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2022.01.16 20:00 Advanced-Nebula4547 What does it feel like to get kicked in the balls? (Give detail)

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2022.01.16 20:00 DeChad2 NFT Giveaway & 5 Eth Giveaway 20,000$ Upvote!

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2022.01.16 20:00 rtbot2 Micron’s new budget SSD could be the ultimate HDD-killer

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2022.01.16 20:00 minimalista R to @Nieuwsuur: #ontmenst door de @rijksoverheid twee geweldsmisdrijven met boksbeugel , beroving blijvende letsels en geen @RechtspraakNL maar wel misbruik wet #bopz veel #ggz discriminatie en preventief geruimd worden door #cowboypolitie praktijken en twee vermoorde poesen. en mijn aangifte

R to @Nieuwsuur: #ontmenst door de @rijksoverheid twee geweldsmisdrijven met boksbeugel , beroving blijvende letsels en geen @RechtspraakNL maar wel misbruik wet #bopz veel #ggz discriminatie en preventief geruimd worden door #cowboypolitie praktijken en twee vermoorde poesen. en mijn aangifte submitted by minimalista to PantherModerns [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:00 AnalysisReal Yoshi’s Supreme Island

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2022.01.16 20:00 Gersza You can get 80% off with these codes on wish! Wish promo codes 2021, promo codes 2021, Wish 80%

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2022.01.16 20:00 tidbitsfromyesterday Rather cold day hiking along a midwest river today. The amount of birds seen did make the cold much more tolerable .

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2022.01.16 20:00 Own_Adhesiveness2829 Update- I still need help and my last post went unanswered!! Please! To recap, my aloe plant fell, broke a few leaves, and now she's drooping.. I just found out that 2 of her main branches are broke like this, but the leaves are still green- no leaves are squishy- is there anything I can do to save?

Update- I still need help and my last post went unanswered!! Please! To recap, my aloe plant fell, broke a few leaves, and now she's drooping.. I just found out that 2 of her main branches are broke like this, but the leaves are still green- no leaves are squishy- is there anything I can do to save? submitted by Own_Adhesiveness2829 to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2022.01.16 20:00 Over-Bug-2275 My ex and why we broke up

(My first language is not English)
Me (transmale) and my now we girlfriend (ciswoman) we’re dating for about 5 months (The trans and cis kinda make sense to the story I promise) (At the time I wasn’t out as a transmale yet tand idenified as a lesbian she was bisexual)
I’ll start off with when we started dating, We were friends we both had a hate for an ex friend that we still were in a groupchat with, so we wanted to be funny and pretend that we were dating We would call eachother cheesy nicknames, Would ignore everyone besides eachother, all that stuff
While that was happening we were both in a groupchat with 2 other friends of hours who were and still are dating eachother (both woman), I started to devolp feelings for my now ex I’ll call her O, I realized my feelings for O and told my 2 friends about it, They told me to just go for it what I didn’t know was that they knew O also had feelings for me,
At first everything was perfect like every relationship besides one thing and that was that she didn’t wanna see my till 2 months later on my birthday, Mind u we live in the same country and had easy access to eachother, I decided that it would be best if she wanted that then I won’t force her, Another thing she never let me hear her voice, Looking back at it it’s kinda weird but I didn’t wanna make her do stuff she didn’t want to,
Fast forward it was time it was my birthday Finally she came to my house I picked her up from the station In the last 2 months before that she started talking to me very sexually Telling me about how she was gonna make me feel so good and how I would look so good in this lingerie even before we started dating she would comment how big my boobs were
But ok she was at my house she didn’t eat she didn’t shower she didn’t say hello to my mom she didn’t say thank you and she didn’t even make eye contact with my family
I let it slide as her being shy but can’t deny that that was very rude of her
About 2 weeks later I went to her house for the weekend when it was dinner time she told me no one would be cooking and that I should’ve bought something before coming here or eat a candy,
I ate some candy very weird out why no one was cooking for sure when there was guest over
In the morning exact same thing no food to eat and I was there for 3 whole days when it was Sunday and time to leave I went to a shop to get something to eat I was so hungry
Mind u it wasn’t like they didn’t have money for food they did they were just too lazy to cook or even order something only thing they made that weekend was bad spaghetti
She came to my house again but she had to take 2 trans since none of them went from her station to mine I take the train to station 1 everyday for school so I had no problem pickin her up from station 1 we went to eat something and I asked her u sure u bought your tickets to station 2 right?
She said no I told her to text her mom and ask her to buy her the tickets to station 2 bc she wasn’t gonna go on the train without ticket bc if she did and she got caught it was gonna be me who had to pay her stuff and I was not gonna do that when she still had enough time to buy a ticket
She called her mom hung up and said “I’ll pay you back”
I was very confused and asked her pay me what back
“The ticket”
I looked at her confused and told her I’m not paying your mom should I am not your parent
Her mom didn’t like that couldn’t care she is the working adult not me I didn’t even have a job at the time
Even if i did buy it I knew I wouldn’t see that money again bc so was it last time Im not a working adult I shouldn’t be paying my gfs needs as a teenager in high school
Her mom finally bought Her ticket and we were able to go home
She was again being very rude to my parents no eye contact no hello no hi
That weekend I was messing around with her and I wanted to watch a video in her camera roll she got all defensive no and I asked her what’s wrong with the video is there something I can’t see
She said nothing wrong with it u just cannot see this
I asked her why and she just said bc u can’t ok
I got sad and turned my back to her why was I not allowed to see a video of her was she kidding something from me ?
She then went and got out of bed sitting in my chair ignoring me for a while
Not even looking at me just sitting on her phone bc I got sad that she was hiding something from me
We made it up after
So time later I told her that I wasn’t feeling like I was a lesbian anymore and that I infact do like guys but that I don’t wanna date any rn bc I had er ofc (By this time she came out as a lesbian)
I thought she wouldn’t mind bc she would talk about fictional man all the time
She did she got very mad at me every time I talked about an anime character and everytime it was a guy she would straight up ignore me
Although she would do the exact same but with female character
I asked her would u still wanna be with me if I was a guy She told me yes she told me she didn’t care what gender I was that she would love me either way Then I came out as a Demi boy (non binary leaning to the male side)
She still used lesbian Ofc I can’t change her sexuality but I just wish she wouldn’t be calling herself a lesbian all the time That wasn’t the real problem tho the real problem was her saying stuff like “hate men “ “that’s why I’m a lesbian “ “Men are disgusting “
I felt hurt she was infact dating one who would she go on and on about how she wouldn’t date one and how she hated them?
She didn’t see me as who I was
I told her and she came at me screaming she would make me feel bad for expressing m feelings that I didn’t think she saw me as who I was
To which she would only reply with “well lesbians are attracted to non binary people and u are that so ur not a men I can be a lesbian and be attracted to u”
That hurt so much
That kept on for a while I told her every time
She didn’t change
She would still ignore me when I talked about a fictional character would tell me “ok” “Don’t care about men”
And all that stuff Even my friends picked it up and asked me if I was ok To which I replied no
The fact that I wasn’t allowed to just like a character and express my feelings to a character But she could was hypocritical
She really told me to stop talking about men even if they were fictional to her to the groupchat and on my story
I told her I was not about to do that just bc she wanted me to I was allowed to have my comfort characters I was allowed to do the exact same she was doing
Another day I went to a friends house for their birthday when I wanted to take my train back I saw that my train got cancelled and that I had to wait an hour
A young man came up to me and asked me about his train I looked and saw that his was also cancelled since it was the same line my train was
He asked me if I would like onhandig a coffee with him in a cafe near by since we both had to wait for our train anyway
I told him yes I’d like that and we went and talked he was a nice man and the coffee was great We said our goodbyes and I went to my instagram and told the groupchat (Gf and my 2 lesbian friends that are dating) What happend and that I made a new friend
My ex was not very happy about that and kept on screaming at me how she couldn’t believe that I went with a stranger (I was 18 at the time old enough to handle myself ) I told her That it’s my life and that a stranger asking me to a cafe was not bad for sure not in a city so popular There were many many people there and all he did was buy a coffee in a cafe
She said I should be safer And I told her I am safe I can handle myself I am not a child
She was still angry at me
At some point I had enough of her jealousy of her not seeing me as who I am of her being hypocritical of her not letting me live my life
So I told her everything with the intention of breaking up
She told me oh I’m so sorry I’ll never do that (for the 100th time)
I asked her if she understood what I was saying
She said yes and that I couldn’t throw away a 5month relationship like that
5months is nothing parents divorce we are teenagers relationship come and go this wasn’t a once in a life time expierence?
She then started to gaslight “im never good” “I understand it’s all my fault isn’t it” “I don’t even give me a chance”
I had enough I wasn’t gonna let myself be taken like that I told her that wouldn’t work and that I have her enough changes to change and she didn’t do it
She asked for one last change and I told her it’s the fk last one
Even then I didn’t talk to her as often anymore bc I wasn’t feeling it anymore
We then broke up Fr I told her everything again and that I’d like my stuff back
It was like a weight of my shoulder
Another guy I was talking to for a while had been flirting with me for a little bit but when I told him I was single he actually started the real flirting making me very happy
I told my friends and they were happy for me since they know how shit my relationship with O was
A day later I wanted to text my friends to see that I couldn’t find them
I texted them via another acc asking what happens and they replied
“We blocked you for a reason stop texting us”
I was so confused I didn’t do anything to them since the day before ?
Days went by and I finally found out my ex told them that I sexually abused her which wasn’t true in the slightest
She then texted my best friend who didn’t even know her about it and she texted me I was in shock at everything she said about me what I supposedly did
I then went to another account that I only had for the reason to talk to her in private and maybe send a nude or 2 bc she would ask me for nudes
I screenshoted all the sexual stuff she has said about me and proofed that I never did anything what she was all saying
She then said “I never said no or that I was uncomfortable to him bc I felt bad “ To which my friend replied “how Tf should he know ur uncomfortable when u tell him yes go on do it”
It’s true I cannot read minds she told me yes and I only ever did anything to her when she said yes
I finally got to be able to tell my 2 friends that blocked me this and showed all of them the screens to which they replied “She never showed this or told us this wow”
Ofc she didn’t
They got very mad at her and she replied with “it’s all just a misunderstanding“
Im sorry? I misunderstanding ? U telling my friends I sexually abused u is a misunderstanding???
My friends never wanted to talk to her ever again after that
For sure after she told them to believe her bc my friend went trough the same gaslighting them into blocking me
She lied made up stories for them to not be friends with me anymore
When i didn’t do that all I did was tell the truth I wouldn’t care if they were friends with her that being before she literally lied about being sexually abused by me
She could’ve fuxked up my whole life who knows who she told that to
Now she lost Al her friends due to her own stupidity
And I have my friends back and an amazing bf to that too
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2022.01.16 20:00 xasinir Which monitor should I go for?

I have researched a bit and come across these few monitors.
ViewSonic XG2405 at ₹16,000
Acer Nitro VG240YS at ₹16,000
Gigabyte G24F at ₹16,450
MSI Optix G241 at ₹17,600
Benq Mobius EX2510S at ₹21,000
All of these have good reviews on amazon except for the gigabyte. I have watched reviews for all of these except the first one and all of these seem good.
Are the MSI Optix or Benq Mobius worth the price difference? (Is the difference noticeable?)
I mostly use headphones, so speakers arent necessary but nice to have.
Which of these should I buy?
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